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How To Fix Neon Signs

How To Fix Neon Signs

Neon signs have become an iconic symbol for businesses looking to make a bold statement. With their vibrant colors that come alive at night, they possess an undeniable allure that surpasses that of traditional signs. However, like any electrical device, neon signs are prone to issues that can not only be annoying but also detrimental to your business. When faced with a malfunctioning neon sign, it is highly recommended to seek the expertise of trained professionals, such as the team at Bakers’ Signs in Houston. Continue reading to gain a deeper understanding of neon signs and the process of repairing them.

One may wonder, why do neon signs go bad? Although neon signs have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, they still require regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Several indicators can signify that your neon sign is in need of repair. Insufficient voltage can prevent the neon gas from ionizing, resulting in a sign that fails to glow when switched on. Corroded or unclean connections between the electrodes and the glass tube can deteriorate over time, affecting the sign’s functionality. Additionally, shorted or broken wires can disrupt the power supply to the sign, rendering it non-functional. Another potential issue is tube leakage, where the neon gas gradually escapes through a leak in the glass tube, causing the sign to flicker and eventually go out. Fortunately, Bakers’ Signs is well-equipped to address these common neon sign issues and more, making them the go-to destination for comprehensive neon sign services in Houston.

If you find yourself facing a faulty neon sign, understanding the repair process can be immensely helpful. The first step is to troubleshoot the sign’s behavior in order to pinpoint the issue. Does the entire sign fail to light up, or is it only specific letters or sections? Are the bulbs dimming? By observing these behaviors, you can identify the specific problems that require attention.

One crucial aspect is verifying the neon sign’s power source. It is essential to ensure that the power source is in proper working order. You can use a voltmeter with basic safety precautions to test the power supply, or you can entrust the task to Bakers’ Signs. In either case, it is crucial to check the wiring and power supply if the sign is not receiving electricity, as a connection issue may be at fault.

Furthermore, if the sign is receiving power but fails to light up, it is important to examine the transformer and electrodes. The transformer, responsible for supplying high voltage to the sign, should be checked for proper functioning and voltage output. The electrodes within the neon sign are responsible for generating the light, and the gas pressure determines the brightness of the sign. Broken electrodes or low gas pressure can hinder proper illumination, necessitating checks for both elements.

Once the cause of the issue is identified, it may be necessary to replace damaged components such as broken electrodes or faulty transformers. Replacement parts can be sourced from neon sign providers, or you can engage the services of an electrical repair specialist to handle the repairs.

It is crucial to prioritize safety precautions when repairing or maintaining neon signs, as working with electrically powered equipment can be hazardous. For most individuals, it is recommended to rely on the expertise of a Houston neon sign repair professional, ensuring that the sign is fixed safely and efficiently.

To keep neon signs in pristine condition, regular maintenance is necessary, even though they typically last between eight and fifteen years. Maintaining neon signs is a simple process that involves a few key actions. Firstly, selecting an appropriate location, preferably higher up and indoors, can help protect the sign. Regular upkeep, either personally or with the assistance of an expert, is essential to ensure the sign’s longevity. Additionally, taking measures to prevent insects from reaching the bulbs can help prolong the sign’s lifespan.

When you require sign repair, maintenance, or installation services for personal or commercial purposes, Bakers’ Signs is your trusted partner. Their team will thoroughly inspect and diagnose any faulty equipment, develop a plan to restore it, and promptly execute the necessary repairs. Serving numerous nearby cities and locales, including Huntsville, Alvin, Texas City, Sugar Land, and more, Bakers’ Signs is the premier choice for sign repair in Houston.

Whether your neon sign has been damaged due to weather conditions, continuous exposure to the elements, or regular wear and tear, Bakers’ Signs is equipped to assist you. If you are in need of a new sign, whether for personal or commercial purposes, their expertise extends from design to production and installation. With Bakers’ Signs, every aspect of your sign needs can be met with ease and professionalism.

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