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Houston is one of the most populated cities in the state of Texas. Spanning 669 square miles, it is home to roughly 2.3 million people. According to the Houston Business Journal, Houston has over 100,000 small businesses as of 2012. With a population that is so large, and so many small businesses in the area, competition is at an extremely high level. If you are a small business owner, how are you going to make yourself stand out?

In real estate negotiations, signage is critical for commercial businesses because it could make or break a business. There are also zoning regulations that must be followed when signage is being considered. Some towns will have mandated buffer zones for trees that lie between the road and the property. When you have multiple tenants for a multi-unit complex, signage becomes even more complicated. Sometimes, architects even get involved because business owners know the importance of squeezing signs into the best spot they possibly can.

So, where does Bakers’ Signs and Manufacturing come into play?

We are the sign manufacturing business that gets it. We understand the importance of great signage, which is why we would like to work with you right from the start! We know that our work will represent your business to several thousands of people who will pass by and catch a glimpse of your business. First impressions are important for commercial businesses too. We can provide you with appealing custom signs that will help your business stand out against the competition or even just reassure an already successful brand.


One of our greatest attributes is the ability to work a wide variety of signs. Neon-lit, non-lit, channel letters, business signs, and many more will allow you customization to match your companies style or brand. Check out our signs to see for yourself!

Need Sign Repairs? We’ve Got You Covered

If you have a previous sign that you like and just need a repair, we’ll handle it! There is no job too big for us! Houston has been our home for over 33 years and we will continue to serve the people and small business owners with the best signage possible.






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