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Neon Signs

Custom neon signs in Houston. Light up your business name in the evening with a neon sign from Bakers’ Signs.

Since making its first appearance in 1910 at the Paris Motor Show, neon has remained a staple of business wanting to get noticed. The distinctive appearance and bright color variety have served businesses for decades in drawing attention and making a bold statement. Though technology has changed dramatically since the first appearance of neon on the advertising scene, it is still preferred by many for that classic distinctive appearance. Bakers’ Signs can provide our clients with custom neon signs in a wide range of colors and custom formed to create an infinite number of letters, shapes, and designs. We have been manufacturing, servicing, and repairing neon signs for over a decade and can offer expertise in assisting you with all your Neon needs.

We serve businesses across Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and beyond. Contact us for details on neon signs for your business today!

What are Neon Signs?

Neon signs are made up of clear or colored glass tubes and filled with specific gases to give the bright color effect associated with neon lighting. The special hollow glass tubing is bent with heat into custom shapes. The tubing is then finished and filled with the neon gas that is activated when given the appropriate current. Bakers’ Signs offers custom-designed neon signs in dozens of colors and our design staff can create dynamic neon signs custom-tailored to your Houston business’ needs.

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