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Sign Repair

When it comes to Houston sign repair, it’s not a question of “if,” but a question of “when.” All business signs eventually need to be repaired. Constant exposure to the punishing Houston climate and extreme storms will cause many elements of your business sign to degrade or become damaged over time. Bakers’ Signs has a long history as a reliable local sign repair company. We still perform this essential work today and serve many long-term clients alongside a growing base of new customers.

Why Choose Sign Repair with Bakers’ Signs?

If you are a business owner asking, “where can I find sign repair near me?” You need more than a conveniently located sign repair company. You want a reliable, skilled resource to deliver the quality Houston sign repair you deserve. Our fleet of trucks and technicians has been servicing national and regional clients for decades. We have experience with nearly every type of business sign, bringing years of hands-on experience to your job.
Many of our customers have been with us for years because they know they can rely on our quality service, lasting solutions, affordable prices, and courteous service.

Keeping Signs Maintained

Sign repairs are always more streamlined when addressed early. The best way to keep your signs in optimal condition is to let Bakers’ Signs come out regularly to inspect your business signage and ensure any damage is corrected before it becomes a costlier problem.
If you notice signs of damage, contact our team for prompt repairs throughout Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas. We can help with the following:

Light bulb, neon, and LED replacement.

Face repair and replacement.

Missing or unsecured trim.

Storm damage repairs.

Damaged or deteriorating welds.

Structural repairs.

Vinyl removal and replacement.

Transformer and ballast replacement.

Reliable Repairs for All Types of Houston Signs

At Bakers’ Signs, we work with all types of signage. Our skilled expertise allows us to repair issues for any of the following:

Billboard signs

We service vinyl billboards, digital billboards, and even mobile billboards to help you get the word out boldly and unmistakably.

Business signs

Striking business signage helps customers find your brick-and-mortar location. We can help you create and maintain a distinctive sign to make your business stand out.

Cabinet signs

Cabinet signs are a classic choice for business signage, featuring an aluminum frame and vinyl graphics. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs are essential to keep these signs looking sharp.

Channel letters

Ideal for high-profile applications, channel letters mount directly to existing architecture, effectively turning your whole building into a sign.

Custom signs

Bakers’ Signs offers custom Houston signs using unique materials, lighting effects, structural accents, and veneers. We can help you stand apart from the competition in a noticeable way.

Interior signs

Interior signs significantly impact your customers’ experiences. From telling them where to find the restrooms or exits to making your store stand out in a busy shopping mall, well-designed signs will make a big difference.

LED message boards

With LED message boards, you can program your moving graphics and text remotely for optimal customization. We’ll help you keep the structure in excellent condition so you can focus on optimizing your marketing message.

Monument signs

Monument signs sit on the ground, making your business easily visible. In Houston, it’s necessary to provide proper care for monument signs to ensure they don’t exhibit any wear and tear from the elements.

Neon signs

Bright and bold neon signs make a significant impact. We can help you maintain your neon signage to always leave the right impression.

Non-lit signs

From wood road signs to entrance monuments and panel signs with vinyl graphics, we work with nearly any type of non-lit sign to keep your business looking sharp.

Pylon signs

Soaring pylon signs are sure to get your business noticed. Make sure you invest in proper care and maintenance to get the best returns on this bold signage choice.

Houston Sign Repair and Other Services

Bakers’ Signs is a full-service sign company offering all the solutions you need to maintain stunning signage. We offer skilled electrical repairs for any lit signage to ensure you always send the right message. Contact us for LED conversion if your sign needs optimal lighting. We can provide complete sign restoration to help you refresh an aging installation and get it back to prime condition. We also offer new sign installations that will give you a fresh start, ideal for rebranding.
Contact Bakers’ Signs for all your sign repair and maintenance needs.