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About Bakers Signs in Baytown, Texas

Bakers Signs is the premier sign manufacturer and installer for a vast array of business signs in the Greater Houston area. Over the last 30 years, we’ve established ourselves as an influential regional company that provides comprehensive electrical services in addition to our expert sign engineering and design. Local and national companies alike rely on our expert services to manage all aspects of business signs and electrical work throughout the area, including Baytown.

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Why Use Bakers Signs in Baytown, Texas

Even though our company has grown extensively over the years, we haven’t forgotten the values that led us to this level of success. We’re a family company, and we view our employees and clients as extensions of our family. We prioritize the customer experience. All of our sales representatives and technicians are trained to provide courteous, thorough service.

Since 1985, we’ve earned the reputation of providing reliable service by taking the time to thoroughly plan out projects ahead of time. We also keep up with the latest technologies to provide the highest quality and most efficient services. Here at Bakers Signs, we don’t cut any corners, and it shows in our final products.

Find Out What Our Baytown Clients Have to Say About Our Commercial Sign Company

We loved working with the entire team at Bakers’! Our lobby sign was meticulously installed. We couldn’t be happier with their focused professionalism and drive for only a great QUALITY final product. It takes a team and their is no doubt that Bakers’ signs is a great one.

– Judy Camarena

“Bakers’ Signs did a fantastic job with the artwork we wanted to add to our new lobby. They provided several options and created the final product and installed it in just a few weeks. It’s fantastic! The 2 installers showed up on time, installed the artwork and cleaned up the mess from drilling the holes in the wall. I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you Christina and team for the great work!

– Monika Davis

What an Great Company! I have been a customer of Baker Signs for 7 years. I have always been very pleased with their work. Amy Massoth in the service department always takes care on whatever I need done. I also deal with Cristina she is great! Matt Baker you have a Great bunch of people working for/with you. Here are just a few of the jobs that they have done.

– Theresa Gilbert

“I will never use anyone else for my signs again, Jeremiah and his team did a great job of coordinating everything from permits, electrician, design, and installation. The sign looks so much better than I could have wished for. Thank you.

– Carlos Leitao

Types of Businesses Looking for Signs in Baytown, Texas

Our dynamic and comprehensive sign and electrical services suit Baytown’s rich and diverse commercial and business spheres. With decades of experience, we know the factors that contribute to a great business sign. We can help your business stand out, whether you’re situated along East Freeway Service Road or tucked into a shopping strip on West Main Street.

Businesses in Baytown Town Square boost sales when they invest in high-quality, eye-catching external business signs. Larger signs such as high-rise, pylon, and monument signs will draw people’s eyes to your drive-through restaurant, truck dealership, gas station, or clothing store when people are driving through commercial areas such as Inland Center.

A stately monument sign outside your private law firm will help you stand out to your community as a reliable and established local attorney. Chemical companies in the industrial area between Spur 330 and the bay can delineate their plants and operations centers with tall and broad signs. In Shoppes at Baytown, optometrists, hairstylists, and physical recreation businesses can represent their services with sleek LED features and wall signs.

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Business Sign Repair and Installation in Baytown, Texas

Sign Repair

Signs will always eventually need repair. Outside, they’re exposed to rain, sun, wind, and storms. Bakers Signs began with sign services, and most of our business is still in servicing new and long-term clients. Because we’ve performed expert business sign repairs with courteous service at affordable prices for decades, our long-term customers come to us again and again.

We can regularly come to Baytown to visit your business and inspect your signs. This will let us fix any damage before it becomes a larger or more expensive problem. We’re armed with a fleet of trucks and technicians that are ready to repair all kinds of signs for all kinds of required services.

Our sign repair services can include correcting, securing, or replacing trim, performing welding repairs, replacing vinyl, reversing storm damage, and engineering structural repairs to ensure your sign holds up in all weather. We can repair the entire face of the sign, and it’s up to you if you want us to return the sign to how it was originally or if you’d like us to make changes and perform upgrades during the repair process.

Electrical Repair

Sign technician staff include Master Electricians as well as state-licensed Journeymen Electricians. All of our electrical staff are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. This means they’ve met the intensive legal requirements to be qualified to work with potentially dangerous wiring systems. When you request an electrical inspection in Baytown, we will be able to identify the problem and address it accordingly, no matter where the issue originates. Beyond being licensed for sign work, our electrical technicians are licensed to conduct commercial electrical work from the breaker panel out.

Our exceptionally qualified technicians are kind professionals who will work efficiently and communicate clearly about repairs. Whether the issue calls for replacing wiring, transformers and ballasts, bulbs, neon, or LED, or repairing malfunctioning timers or sensors, we have the equipment and expertise to quickly solve your sign’s electrical issues.

Sign Restoration

Your outdoor business sign will eventually need sign restoration. In Baytown, the elements can treat signs harshly. Prolonged exposure to the bright sun and storms will inevitably wear your sign down. Plus, electrical sign components will naturally deteriorate over the years. Bakers Signs is here to assess your sign to see which parts need repair or replacement. Our technicians will strategically target the trouble spots to make your sign look like new while being as cost-effective as possible.

LED Conversion

Bakers Signs is transforming Baytown’s older signs and business lighting into LED fixtures that improve light quality while reducing electrical costs. Benefits of LED lighting include exceptional durability, long operating life, high-intensity light output, quality of color, and low energy consumption.  When we switch out your old bulbs and neon lights, your business will have a fresh outdoor presence that draws new attention. This upgrade will save you money down the road; it’s a great investment. 

We can convert your lighting system on-site at your business, or we can bring the signs back to our facilities. While we’re working on your new lighting system for your older sign, let us know if you’d like any other upgrades or restorations. We can easily transform your sign into something truly eye-catching.

Sign Installation

A large part of our work includes performing sign installations. Whether you need a high-rise sign for your gas station off of Spur 330 or a double-poled pylon sign to display a group of businesses along Massey Tompkins Road, we’re ready to meet and exceed all your sign installation needs in Baytown.

Electrical Wiring

Our highly qualified and licensed electricians are equipped and permitted to handle every step in the process of installing lights in your outdoor business sign, starting at the breaker panel. We recommend Baytown business owners utilize our LED installation services, which will deliver the best quality lighting that’s also a great financial investment; LEDs are highly durable and energy-efficient. You’ll save down the road on electricity bills and fewer repairs.

Pole Installation

It’s crucial that a sign’s support structure is well-engineered and professionally installed, especially for monument, pylon, and high-rise signs. The structure for monument and pylon signs is called the sign pole, and it’s usually a steel pipe that’s installed in a hole that’s been measured out by an engineer. To keep the sign steady in high winds, the pipe is secured within a metal cage with concrete. The pipe is securely attached to the sign.

This structure is important not only for your sign’s longevity but also for safety, and it’s imperative that you hire a trusted, expert sign company to do this work for you. Our engineers at Bakers Signs have extensive experience designing safe and secure sign support systems. We’ll make sure your new sign stays solid in high winds while it shines over the Baytown skyline.

Crane Services

Here at Bakers Signs, we have a fleet of trucks and cranes available to help with repairs and installations in Baytown. Our crews range from one to four technicians, and we can increase the head count for larger projects. Our expert technicians will effectively use bucket trucks and cranes to provide precise and efficient service.

Lighting Services

Our electrician sign technicians are experts at managing all commercial lighting requirements. Beyond managing your light-up signs, we can install and wire lights for parking lots, buildings, and awnings. We can manage most any job you ask of us, and we can carry out your electrical projects while installing or repairing your signs, so your Baytown business can enjoy a complete upgrade all from the same company.

Interior and Lobby Signs

While we have the equipment and expertise to carry out large outdoor projects, we also manufacture and install interior signs to have in your lobby and throughout your building. Displaying well-designed, high-quality interior signs will go a long way to elevate your business’ presence and form a cohesive brand. 






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We will always endeavor to devise the best service methods to suit your project’s requirements and help you save money. When you hire us, you’ll join the ranks of satisfied clients, many of whom have written appreciative testimonials. Contact us today to talk with a sales associate about your Baytown business’ electrical and sign needs.

When you hire Bakers Signs, you can trust us to execute your project efficiently, affordably, and with the highest possible quality. We only hire the best and most qualified engineers and technicians to complete the important work of supporting local businesses in the Greater Houston area. When you benefit, we benefit. Those are our company’s values.