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LED Message Boards

Bakers’ Signs offers a large selection of electronic LED displays for indoor and outdoor signs. These types of LED Message Boards are available in a variety of sizes, color options, and configurations. Our LED displays also vary in cost so there is a perfect message board for just about any budget. Bakers’ Signs only offers the best quality electronic message boards and stand behind the products that we use. There is no better way to convey a message to potential customers than with a remotely programmable moving message sign! Even better is the ability to display multiple moving messages and graphics to keep the interest of those viewing it and always up to date with your marketing goals.

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What are LED Message Boards?

LED Message Boards are electronic panel displays made up of single-color or multi-color LED modules and controlled by a computer or a server using compatible software. This allows the operator to display whatever they like and change it whenever they want. Digital LED Displays are available in multiple configurations including single-line scrolling signs, multi-line information boards and full-matrix electronic billboards for high impact outdoor advertising. You have the ability to choose from standard sizes and formats or have Bakers Signs and Manufacturing design a custom LED Display for you to fit your specific needs.

LED Message Board Gallery