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Channel Letters

Channel Letters can be used indoors or outdoors but are most often used as exterior signage. These signs are most commonly used on commercial buildings and properties such as strip centers, businesses and churches. Bakers Signs and Manufacturing utilize today’s most advanced technology in order to provide our customers the highest quality Channel Letters at the lowest prices in the industry. Our customers include a variety of local and regional businesses situated in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, TX and beyond!

Our fabrication departments include a CNC Routing department, ACUBEND letter forming department, print and vinyl department, neon shop and our lighting station. Our equipment and methods of fabrication allow us to produce the best Channel Letters quickly and efficiently to meet any sized order whether it is a single Channel Letter set or two dozen.

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What are Channel Letter signs?

Channel Letters are three-dimensional individually cut letters or figures, illuminated or non-illuminated, affixed to a structure, or building. Channel Letters are an ideal choice for high profile signage applications. Every set of channel letters are custom designed and manufactured to compliment the building’s existing architecture. Bakers Signs fabricate Channel Letters using aluminum because it does not rust like other metals. This prolongs the life of the letters as well as preserving the appearance.

Classic neon tubing or high-efficiency LED’s can be used for a light source, each having it’s own advantages. Face lighted letters are comprised of a U-shaped channel that is formed from aluminum and riveted to secure its desired shape. Once the channel of the letter is built, custom-blown neon glass or LED’s modules are installed. The Acrylic letter face is then attached to the front of the letter. Each letter is then properly wired to a transformer or power supply located in the raceway or remotely, behind the wall, depending on mounting method selected.

Bakers Signs can also manufacture reverse channel letters. These letters or logos are all metal, but open at the back so the light is reflected on to the wall to create a halo effect. Front lighting and reverse “halo” lighting can be used together to create a truly dynamic Channel Letter set drawing maximum attention.

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