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What To Look For In A Commercial Sign Company in Houston

Apr 14, 2021 | Business Signs, Channel Letters, Custom Signs, Installation Services

There are many reasons why you might want some signs for your business. Maybe you’re looking to improve foot traffic, or you want to direct customers towards a certain product. Whatever the reason, when you need signs for your business, you need the help of a Houston sign company.

For this, you don’t want to turn to just any commercial sign company; you want to choose one from the Houston area to provide you with a great experience. Here are some things to look for when picking a Houston sign company.

Things To Consider When Looking For A Commercial Sign Company In Houston

Available Sign Options

The first thing you’ll want to consider is the types of signs available from the sign company. If you have a certain kind of sign in mind, you’ll want a sign company to create that type of sign for you. Browse through commercial sign company options and see if they have what you’re looking for.

What To Look For in a Houston Commercial Sign Company | Bakers' Signs

If you don’t know what kind of signs you want, you’ll want a commercial sign company with a wide selection. There are many different kinds of signs, with each one being suitable in different situations. Some signs you may end up wanting to include:

Individual 3D Channel Letters

Channel letters are individually cut 3D letters. These letters get affixed to another structure and may light up to increase visibility. These letters can go inside or outside but are most commonly used outdoors for exterior signage.

Neon Signs

Neon signs are bright and colorful, making them great for attracting attention. They also come in various colors, so you can easily get something that matches your current color scheme. If you want to draw attention, especially at night, neon lights are a great way to go.

LED Message Boards

If you want a sign where you can easily change the content, consider an LED message board. These boards use lights to display text or simple images. You can change the messaging with the help of a connecting computer system, allowing you to change the sign as needed. You can even have your message scroll, attracting more attention and allowing for longer text.

Custom Signs For Specific Needs

Finally, sometimes you need something very specific. If you think this might be you, look for a Houston sign company that offers custom signs. This way, you can get exactly what you’re looking for, even if it isn’t that common.

Sign-Making Experience

The next thing to look for in a commercial sign company in Houston, Texas, is their experience level. Choose a commercial sign company that has been doing this for a while, as they are more likely to create a high-quality product. In addition, they’ll be able to provide you with an expert opinion if you’re unsure of exactly what you need. 

Quality Products From a Commercial Sign Company

Of course, being around for a long time doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good experience. You’ll want to ensure the company you’re working with also produced a quality product. To get a better sense of this, look at some of their past work. You can ask the company for some samples, signs in the area to look at, or read online customer reviews.

What To Look For in a Houston Commercial Sign Company | Bakers' Signs

Installation Services

For many sign types, you need to install them properly. Your best option is working with a Houston sign company that also offers installation. This way, you don’t have to attempt the installation yourself or worry about finding a third party to do the installation for you. In addition, having the same company who made the signs install them means they’ll know exactly how they’re supposed to go up to ensure they last a long time.


Lastly, work with a Houston sign company that goes above and beyond to help you out. From the moment you contact them, they should work to deliver exactly what you are looking for. They’ll provide you with recommendations if you need them and help you create the perfect signs for your business.

Let Bakers’ Signs Be Your Houston Commercial Sign Company

If you want to get all of the above, please consider Bakers’ Signs as your Houston commercial sign company. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, and during that time, we’ve provided countless signs to the companies in this area. Whether you’re looking for an LED message board, a neon sign, a monument sign, a pylon sign, signs for inside, or something else, we’re here to help. We even offer completely custom signs – just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll tell you how to help.

To get started, contact us today. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have about our signs, provide you with recommendations, or schedule a time to visit us and see some of our products in person. Bakers’ Signs knows how important signs are to your business, and we’ll do everything we can to deliver a high-quality sign in a short amount of time.

What To Look For in a Houston Commercial Sign Company

By Matt Baker

By Matt Baker

Matt Baker, oldest son of company founder Roberta Baker, has literally grown up in the sign business. It comes as no surprise that he has taken the company his mother created to new heights.