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The Pros of Using a Local Sign Company

Dec 14, 2022 | Business Signs

Signs are an important aspect of your business marketing strategy. Business signs tell customers what you do, when you’re open and closed, and add an artistic flair to your advertising campaign. Having a high-quality sign for your business makes a positive impression on your customers. The best way to ensure you have a sign that conveys your message is to work with a local sign company, as you’ll see from the following list of benefits.

Open Communication on all Aspects of your Business Sign

Sign makers need to make precise measurements to ensure your business sign fits exactly. If the sign doesn’t fit just right, is out of proportion, or looks awkward, customers may not take notice of the sign and message you’re trying to portray.

When you work with a local Houston sign company, the staff can come to your business and make precise measurements and look at the space where the sign will go. With a live representative at your side, you can openly communicate exactly what you want in your sign and exactly where you want it. You’ll get personalized customer service to help you with your business sign needs by working with a local sign company.

Verifiable Trust and Reliability when using a Local Sign Company

If you’re thinking of how to choose a Houston sign company near me, consider their reputation. You can visit other businesses that have a sign you admire and ask them which local sign company made it and how efficient and comfortable the process was.
You can also visit the sign company at their office and talk with the staff and build a rapport and relationship with them. Once you establish a friendly working relationship, you can depend on your local Houston sign company to make any future signs you’ll need based on your specifications and needs.

A Sign Company can help with Delays from Chain Supply Issues

Chain supply issues are rampant in the manufacturing industry. Transportation costs have risen, labor is in short supply, and many overseas manufacturing plants are finding it difficult to find supplies. If you order a business sign online from out of state or overseas, you run the risk of a delay in receiving your sign in a timely manner. While the federal government is working on helping to stabilize chain supply issues, you can avoid delays in receiving products for your sign or the sign itself by supporting your local sign company.

Customizable Business Signs and Customer Attention

Having the ability to customize your business sign is one of the best reasons to work with a local sign company. If there was a miscommunication in the design, layout, or spelling of any aspect of the sign, your local sign company can promptly fix the mistake. As your business needs change, it’s easy to change the hours, days, and times, rewrite the different products or services you offer, and change any names associated with your business.

If you’ve ordered a sign online and given the company the go-ahead to print or make the sign and there is a mistake, you’ll either have to wait for a new one or pay someone to fix the mistake. If by chance there was a miscommunication when working with a local sign company, they can often fix it right away without you having to buy a whole new one.

Local Companies have Community Expertise

If you ask yourself, how to find a Houston company that makes outdoor signs near me, look for a local company that has expertise in the community. Local sign makers usually live in the community where your business is and will have knowledge of designs appropriate for the neighborhood or district.

Staff members can help you create a sign that stands out from other businesses because they can look at other signs nearby and help you design a unique one that gets your message across. Many cities have regulations and ordinances on signage regarding placement, size, and even colors. Your local Houston sign company will have knowledge of these ordinances and can guide you on the best sign for your circumstance. In some cases, the staff may even help you navigate the permit process to help you save valuable time and money.

Using a local Houston sign company has many advantages for your business. You’ll work with a sign company that understands the dynamics of the neighborhoods and community, can easily change or customize the sign as your business needs change, and helps to reduce supply chain issues. Contact Bakers’ Signs today when you’re looking for a high-quality professional sign company in the Houston, Texas, area.

By Matt Baker

By Matt Baker

Matt Baker, oldest son of company founder Roberta Baker, has literally grown up in the sign business. It comes as no surprise that he has taken the company his mother created to new heights.