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5 Steps to Buy a Billboard Sign

Oct 27, 2022 | Business Signs

A billboard sign company can help you navigate the cost of buying a billboard sign. But before you get started, there are a few steps to consider. Here are five steps to buy a billboard sign with a company that can help.

Step 1: Decide What Billboard Sign Is Right for You

Total Cost

Depending on the size, location, billboard type, and material, your billboard costs could really add up. Typically, physical billboards are printed on vinyl, which costs between $1 and $1.50 per square foot. Then consider the cost of printing on that material. If you choose a 14-foot by 48-foot billboard, you’re looking at a starting investment of between $672 and $1008 before you’ve even considered the other costs.

The location of your billboard sign also plays a big role in calculating the total cost. If your business is located in a sparsely populated area, your billboard campaign could be on the less expensive side. But if you are located in the heart of Houston and looking to advertise there, a traditional billboard could run you upwards of $2,600 for one month. Thinking of choosing digital for customization? This type of billboard sign averages $5,200 for each four-week campaign in the Houston area.


Now that you’ve decided to buy a billboard sign, you’ll want to consider how long it should be displayed. It will work for you 24/7 while it’s up, so you may want to commit to a few months right away. You can also start with a four-week campaign and extend the duration if needed.


Depending on what you are advertising, you may be restricted on what aspects of your product you are allowed to show in that particular ad space.


Once you have decided on the design and type of billboard, make sure it’s exactly what you want. A traditional billboard cannot be changed once it’s been installed. A digital one is more costly but is far more easily customized, giving you more control.

Step 2: Find the Perfect Location

No matter which style you choose, you want to be sure your location is reaching your target audience. Consider whether your billboard is on a busy highway where commuters will see it going to and from work. Is it close enough to the highway? Can it easily be read? Are there any landmarks or trees in the way?

Choosing a high-traffic area with clear visibility is the easiest way to ensure your billboard gets noticed by your target audience. If you come across a specific billboard space you like, the company is typically listed at the bottom of the sign, and you can contact them to discuss that location.

Step 3: Negotiate a Deal

Now it’s time to make a deal. You’ve factored in all your upfront costs for design and materials, and you’ve found the perfect location. While negotiating your advertisement space, you should inquire about a variety of possibilities. Can you get a discount if you extend the duration of your billboard display? Are discounts available if you rent more than one billboard through their company? Asking these questions can help your billboard campaign work best for your company.

Step 4: Secure the Necessary Materials

Congratulations! You’ve negotiated your deal and found the perfect location. Securing all necessary materials is your next step. Although it can be tempting to design your billboard in-house to save money, relying on a design agency can help you create a better billboard. Then, shop around for companies that work together to secure these materials for you. Choosing a reliable sign company that can help from start to finish is your best bet. Be sure to discuss all costs upfront to avoid any surprise expenses.

Step 5: Let Bakers’ Signs Help

Now it’s time to consider asking for guidance from a trusted company to finalize the process of buying your billboard sign. Contact Bakers’ Signs to answer any questions you may still have and to set up an appointment to make your billboard dreams a reality.

By Jeremiah Baker

By Jeremiah Baker

Jeremiah is passionate about Bakers’ Signs’ core values, and vision, and mission, which have guided the company for over 35 years. With his expertise and commitment to excellence, he is an invaluable asset.