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Roundup: Most Popular Types of Outdoor Signs

Jul 27, 2022 | Signs

These days, businesses have many options when it comes to marketing. There’s SEO, digital ads, commercials, and more. If you’re a business in search of a reliable marketing strategy, one great option to consider is using outdoor signs. Below, we’ll outline the key benefits of outdoor signs, along with the different types of outdoor signs you can use.

Benefits of Outdoor Signs

Using outdoor signs for your business can provide a few benefits. One great benefit is exposure. If you use an outdoor sign for marketing your business, you can alert people in that area of your store to current sales. This is often a great way to market in a local area and to bring in more foot traffic.

Outdoor signs can also lead to a better customer experience. With outdoor signs, you can provide customers with important information, such as how to contact you or the street address of your business. You can also use them to direct customers to additional parking or how to find your business within a larger complex, like a mall. Making things simpler for customers is a common goal for businesses and outdoor signs are one simple way to do so.

Finally, outdoor signs are often cost-efficient. The biggest expense with outdoor signs comes with creating the sign. Once you have it, you may not need to pay any additional costs to display it. When you consider the benefits you get from outdoor signs and how long you’ll have them, this makes them one of the more cost-efficient things you can do in terms of marketing.

Most Popular Types of Outdoor Signs

Below are some of the most popular signs businesses can place outdoors:


A billboard is a large sign that advertises to drivers. Billboards typically go alongside busy traffic routes to maximize the number of people who see them. With a billboard, businesses can make a bold marketing statement while also providing potential customers with key information.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are individually cut, three-dimensional letters. Their most common use is to display the name of a business at the business’s location, but businesses can also use them for advertising purposes. Channel letters give a business location a more memorable look while also lasting for a long time.

LED Light

LED light signs, or neon color signs, help businesses attract attention at night. These signs use bright LED lights in multiple colors to display various messages or logos. Businesses that operate at night can benefit from LED lights by helping customers find their location and making their location more memorable.

Pole Signs

As their name suggests, pole signs are signs attached to a pole. Businesses typically use pole signs to direct traffic to their location or to help customers navigate a large parking area. Larger pole signs are available but may need additional poles to support them.

Poly Signs

Outdoor poly signs are simple signs made of polyethylene. This durable and weather-resistant plastic is the perfect material for outdoor signs. Businesses can use an outdoor poly sign in a number of ways, such as promoting a sale, directing traffic, or alerting customers of hazardous areas.

Pylon Signs

Similar to pole signs, pylon signs display a message on top of a tall, free-standing structure. If you’ve ever been to a shopping center, you’ve likely seen a pylon sign at the entrance, with the name of each store on top of the pylon. Pylon signs are a great way to advertise a business from a distance, especially if the business is in a busy area.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are essentially large stickers that businesses can place on windows. Businesses often use window graphics to promote seasonal sales, as they are easy to remove once the season ends and help to keep the outer appearance of the business fresh.

Find the Perfect Sign for Your Business at Bakers Signs

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to outdoor signs for your business. By getting an outdoor sign for your business now, you can start to alert more customers about your business and what you do. If you’re in the Houston area, please contact Bakers Signs to learn more about getting an outdoor sign for your business.

By Matt Baker

By Matt Baker

Matt Baker, oldest son of company founder Roberta Baker, has literally grown up in the sign business. It comes as no surprise that he has taken the company his mother created to new heights.