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How To Fix Neon Signs

Mar 17, 2023 | Business Signs, Neon Signs, Signs

Neon signs help businesses make a statement. With a mix of glowing colors that stand out at night, they can be more entertaining and attractive than traditional signs. However, it can be annoying or even cost you business if they aren’t operating properly. 

If you’re unsure how to fix your commercial neon sign, we recommend that you take it to a team of trained professionals, like at Bakers’ Signs in Houston. To learn more about neon signs and repairing them, keep reading.

Why Do Neon Signs Go Bad?

Neon signs have been making a comeback in recent years, but they’ll need to be looked after and repaired at times. Here are a few indicators that your sign needs repair:

  • Minimal Volts: If the voltage is too low, the neon gas won’t ionize, and the sign won’t glow when turned on.
  • Corroded or Unclean Connections: The connections between the electrodes and the glass tube might deteriorate or get dirty over time.
  • Shorted or Broken Wires: If the wires that supply the sign with power are shorted or broken, the sign will not function.
  • Tube Leakage: The neon gas will escape if there is a leak in the glass tube. This can happen gradually, but the sign will eventually flicker out if it isn’t addressed.

Finally, one common issue with neon signs that are a few years old is a transformer fault. The transformer is what feeds the sign with high voltage. These and other parts are no problem for the team at Bakers’ Signs, the go-to Houston business for complete neon sign services.

How To Fix Neon Signs

Whether from an accident or the passage of time, these signs will eventually require some maintenance and repair work. First, it’s important to determine the issue by troubleshooting the sign’s behavior. Does the entire sign fail to light up, or only some letters or sections? Are the bulbs going dim? This can assist you in identifying the specific problems that need fixing.

Verify neon sign power source

First, verify that the power source is in good working order. A voltmeter can be used with some basic safety precautions, or you can trust the whole wiring  job to Bakers’ Signs. In either case, the wiring and power supply should be checked if the sign isn’t receiving electricity, as there could be a connection issue.

Check the transformer or electrodes 

If the sign is receiving power but not lighting up, check the transformer to make sure that it is functioning properly and that the voltage output is correct. Also, the electrodes in a neon sign are what produce the light, and the gas pressure determines how bright the sign is. The sign might not light up properly if the electrodes are broken or the gas pressure is too low, so both should be checked.

Determine replacement steps 

After the cause is diagnosed, you might need to order and replace any damaged elements, such as a broken electrode or a defective transformer. You can either buy replacement parts from providers of neon signs or engage an electrical repair specialist to make the repairs.

While repairing or maintaining neon signs, it’s crucial to take all necessary safety precautions because working with electrically powered equipment can be dangerous. For most folks, it’s preferable to count on a Houston neon sign repair professional who will fix the sign safely and quickly.

Neon Signs Maintenance Tips

While normally lasting between eight and 15 years, neon signs still require regular upkeep to stay in pristine shape. It’s not difficult to maintain neon signs for years, and it all comes down to a few simple actions.

  • Choose a suitable place, ideally higher up and indoors.
  • Frequently maintain the sign yourself or get help from an expert.
  • Block or dissuade insects from reaching the bulbs.

The next time you need personal or commercial sign repair, maintenance, or installation services, let Bakers’ Signs examine the faulty equipment, determine the issue, and create a plan to restore it. 

We are pleased to offer sign repair in Houston to numerous nearby cities and locales, including Huntsville, Alvin, Texas City, Sugar Land, and many more, so contact us today for a prompt reply.

Neon signs are some of the most recognizable types of business signs, but they’ll need a bit of care. Bakers’ Signs can assist if your commercial neon sign sustains damage as a result of weather damage, continuous exposure to the elements, or just normal wear and tear. If you want to put up a sign — commercial or personal — but don’t yet have one, we can also help you. Everything from design to production and installation is no problem at Bakers’ Signs.

By Matt Baker

By Matt Baker

Matt Baker, oldest son of company founder Roberta Baker, has literally grown up in the sign business. It comes as no surprise that he has taken the company his mother created to new heights.