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Outlining the Cost of LED Sign Repair

Sep 22, 2021 | Custom Signs, LED Lights

If you have an LED sign, it’s likely performing a vital function. Maybe it’s alerting customers to the location of your business or advertising your latest sale. Whatever the reason, if your LED sign breaks down, you must get it back to working at 100% as soon as you can. The first thing to clarify is the TYPE of LED sign you are having trouble with. Conveying the right information can potentially save money and time by ensuring the right technician is assigned to troubleshoot the problem. Once the problem is visually identified, you will want to contact the sign provider and find to if the sign or LED display is still under warranty. Most signs come with a limited warranty period protecting you against defects or functioning issues. If the sign provider is no longer in business or you simply want to try an alternative, finding a credible sign company with years of experience might be your next move. However, before you do, you’re probably wondering how much this costs. Below, we’ll outline some of the factors that determine the cost of LED sign repair.

Benefits of LED Sign Repair

Before we discuss the repair cost factors, it’s important to go over the benefits of getting your LED sign repaired in the first place. You may think that the cost of LED sign repair is not worth the benefits you’ll get from it. However, this often isn’t the case.

Outlining the Cost of LED Sign Repair | a neon sign that says open

A fully functioning LED sign performs a vital function for your business. Without it, your customers may have a hard time finding you. In addition, your LED sign contributes to your customers’ impression of you. If you have a broken-down sign in front of your business, this could lead to a negative first impression. First impressions are essential in the business world. After spending so much time and effort to get customers in the door, you don’t want to waste the opportunity by giving off a bad impression from the start. A simple LED sign repair job can help make your location look better and perform its vital functions.

Factors to Consider

There are several factors that contribute to the cost of LED sign repair. The first is the type of sign you are having issues with. You could have one of several problems with your LED sign. The severity of the issue will have a big impact on the total cost of the repair.

For example, you could just have a loose wire to the LED modules, causing the partial or full illumination to be out. In that case, you would just need a simple service call and technician to remedy the problem. This could cost as little as a $100 trip charge. LED modules and power supplies can range in price, depending on what you need, but can still be in the affordable range of a few hundred dollars.

Make sure you start with a reputable display manufacturer and installer with a strong warranty

If you have an LED display board that is having issues, it could be a bigger issue. A problem like this would require a more extensive, and therefore more costly, assessment and repair. LED displays are expensive to begin with but opting for a less expensive display could end up creating a very costly ongoing expense. Make sure you start with a reputable display manufacturer and installer to begin with. One including a strong warranty may be more expensive on the front end but save you thousands within just a few years. Finally, if you have any physical damage to the sign, this can also be costly depending on the amount of damage.

No Warranty? Not a Good Sign!

If your warranty is still in effect and covers the specific type of issue you’re having, this would significantly lower or even erase your costs. On the other hand, if you don’t have a warranty, you will have to pay the full cost of the repair. Again, if you’re unsure of whether or not you have a warranty, you should check any paperwork that came with the LED sign or contact the provider of the sign.

About the Size of Your Signs

Another factor is the size of your sign. You need to determine what you want your legibility distance needs to be. If your lettering is too small, people won’t be able to read it from far away. Large signs are typically more expensive to repair compared to small ones. This is because larger signs require considerably more LED modules and power supplies or have more costly display related components. However, this isn’t always the case, as a large amount of damage to a small sign could be costly as well. It really depends on the complexity of the sign, regardless of size, and whether an LED display is part of the problem.

Labor Costs

Finally, there’s the cost of labor. This typically depends on how many hours the repair technician spends on your LED sign. Some factors that could cause a technician to spend more time on repairs are extensive damage or the need for software and hardware troubleshooting. If you have a small LED sign that you can bring into the repair center, this will likely cost less than having a technician drive to your location and perform the repairs there.

Outlining the Cost of LED Sign Repair | a neon Ford sign

How to Get an LED Sign Repair Estimate in Houston, TX

The best way to determine the cost of an LED sign repair job is to get an estimate from a professional repair service. If you’re in the Houston, TX area, let Baker’s Signs assist you. We’re not only a sign company with a wide range of LED signs, but we can repair all sorts of issues. Contact us today and tell us about the problem you’re having. We can then either give you an estimate directly over the phone or travel to your location, inspect the sign, and give you a free estimate. With this information, you can then decide how you want to proceed.

LED signs are an important part of your business. Don’t settle for a broken-down LED sign when a simple repair is just a short phone call away. We here at Baker’s Signs will do everything we can to return your LED sign to perfect condition in a short amount of time, all for a reasonable price. Thank you for considering Baker’s Signs in Houston, TX, and we look forward to assisting you with your LED sign repair needs.

Outlining the Cost of LED Sign Repair

By Jeremiah Baker

By Jeremiah Baker

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