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Choose Wisely When You Need a Houston Sign Maker

Mar 30, 2023 | Business Signs

Signs placed around the neighborhood alert potential customers to your business. They welcome them and familiarize people with logos, offers, and other information. Electric or otherwise, you’ll be glad you kept all your commercial business signs well-maintained. 

Bakers’ Signs handles commercial and noncommercial sign creation and repair in and around Houston. Whether for detailed restoration, neon sign transformer repair, or any number of tasks, learn why you should select Bakers’ Signs, a Houston sign maker and sign repair professional.

Choose a Reliable Houston Sign Maker

You can search for a sign maker near you by looking up businesses or stores that are close to your physical location. Ask friends or co-workers who have previously used services like these for recommendations. Comparing local Houston sign makers, you should consider costs and turnaround times and ensure their quality and most common forms of work suit your requirements. 

You should always look at previous examples of a sign maker’s work that they both created and repaired. Their finished products will give you an idea of what they are capable of.  You can count on Bakers’ Signs in Houston for analog and electrical sign repair of all types, including but not limited to:

  • Fluorescent, neon, or LED bulb and component replacement.
  • Missing or unsecured trim fixes.
  • Damaged or deteriorating welds.
  • Vinyl removal and replacement.
  • Surface repair or replacement.
  • Structural repairs.
  • Transformer and ballast replacement.

The team at Bakers’ Signs is familiar with repairing common and uncommon types of commercial signage, such as billboards, channel letters, interior signs, and much more. Business signs can cost hundreds of dollars or more to install, and we’re the best place in Houston to take care of or repair them. Whether electrical or neon signs, digital signs, or analog, help your business light the way for customers or draw their attention.

Tips When Shopping for Houston Sign Repair

Although DIY repairs or replacements of cheaper signs might be viable sometimes, some business signs are expensive pieces of equipment that would require professional technicians to safely and affordably fix. Going with the lowest-priced commercial sign repair business might result in cut corners. As a result, the best combination is a business with fair prices that meets the following criteria:

  • Quality Customer Service: You should receive individualized care and frequent communication throughout your sign repair project.
  • Fast Repairs: Typically, a local sign maker with the experience and resources to guarantee a job’s completion within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Thorough Services: You can rely on Bakers’ Signs for related tasks to sign repair, like sign installation, LED bulb conversion, and crane services.

Top-rated Houston sign makers frequently have reasonable prices, and an extra-low quote might seem the right choice. However, checking reviews and asking about the details above will help ensure you work with the best Houston sign maker.

Commercial Sign Maintenance Tips

A monthly review of your interior and exterior signage is typically enough to ensure everything runs smoothly, though it doesn’t hurt to check more frequently. Besides cleaning signs when appropriate, checking them every month is essential to look for cracks and other damage. A problem might be in the frame, base, sign face, letters, and other components, but if you find something, consider arranging repairs from Bakers’ Signs as soon as possible.

We suggest arranging a cleaning and maintenance schedule for all your signs, but please be careful not to let inexperienced or unsuited employees work with electrical and neon sign parts. Also, be cautious about signs with glass elements or any materials that improper cleaning methods could damage.

Commercial Repairs for Houston Signs

Digital signs, neon signs, and other electronically powered forms of commercial signage can be beneficial to draw attention or tell your business’ story. You’ll be glad you saved time and got a great deal with Bakers’ Signs, a local Houston sign maker and skilled repair business.

Contact us to get your business, shops, and office looking their best, particularly if your signage needs attention. Maintain a positive first impression and aim for prime visibility with your signage. Our team will investigate the damage or problem, determine a solution, and communicate clearly along the way.

Avoid higher total sign replacement costs and get Bakers’ Signs to inspect your business signs regularly. Our experts can ensure that any damage or flaws get fixed, empowering your business with a professional appearance. If you need help repairing storefront signs or others in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, or Austin, contact us for more information.

By Matt Baker

By Matt Baker

Matt Baker, oldest son of company founder Roberta Baker, has literally grown up in the sign business. It comes as no surprise that he has taken the company his mother created to new heights.