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8 Benefits of Choosing Neon Signs Houston To Advertise Your Business

Nov 11, 2020 | Exterior Sign Lights, Interior Sign Lights, Neon Signs

Using neon signs Houston to advertise your business makes a bold statement. First introduced in the early 1900s, neon signs are not quite as common as they used to be, with many businesses opting for more modern digital signs and LED displays. Nevertheless, neon sign advertising offers a lot of potential benefits to your business. Here are just a few of them.

1. Neon Signs Are Versatile

Custom neon signs Houston come in a wide variety of colors. Because the outer casing is made of glass tubes, they become soft when exposed to heat and can be shaped into just about any design you want. This includes fancy fonts and intricate images.

Neon Signs Accessories

2. Neon Signs Houston Are Very Bright

Georges Claude, a French engineer who exhibited neon lights at the Paris Motor Show in 1910, at first thought it had applications for indoor lighting. However, the public wasn’t interested in indoor neon lights because they were just too bright and the colors too brilliant. However, these same qualities made neon lights ideal for outdoor advertising displays. Claude recognized this potential and succeeded in marketing his lights for advertising in 1912.

3. Neon Signs Are Always Visible

Because of the brightness of neon signs, they effectively advertise your business at all times of the day. They are most visible at night, while other signs may get swallowed up by darkness. They are also still visible during the day, though they don’t stand out quite as much when competing with the sunlight.

3. Neon Signs Are Emotionally Evocative

Being over a century old, neon signs have been around enough that they are considered retro. This gives them a certain nostalgic cachet. They evoke strong feelings in people who have cherished memories of hanging out at diners and drive-ins as a young person or hearing stories about such places from their parents or grandparents.

4. Neon Signs Stand Out

When many businesses are opting for LED signs or digital displays, a neon sign stands out from the rest. When you use neon sign advertising Houston, your company becomes a landmark. Even people in your neighborhood who don’t yet patronize you know your name, and that makes them more likely to come to you when they do need your services.

5. Neon Signs Houston Are Creative

It’s not very difficult to create a highly detailed or moving image on the latest digital displays. However, there is a lot of artistry and ingenuity that creates a neon light display, including creating an image that seems to be moving in a static display. People appreciate cleverness and are drawn to a sign that demonstrates more creativity than the ones surrounding it.

Neon Signs Drive Thru Open

6. Neon Signs Make It Clear When You’re Open and When You’re Not

It’s very frustrating to drive up to a restaurant, laundromat, hotel, or any establishment, only to discover that they’re not open or have no seating or vacancy. Iconic neon signs allow you to communicate this information to people in cars out on the street. This saves them time and trouble as they find out that your services aren’t available at the moment without even getting out of their cars.

7. Neon Signs Direct Focus Where You Want It

Neon signs may also help you emphasize something special that you want to offer, such as a sale, a particular menu item, a seasonal product, or deal. The strategic use of neon lighting can help you direct customers’ attention right where you want it, even if they’re already accustomed to your usual menu, signage, etc.

8. Neon Signs Houston Can Increase Revenue

Research shows that an update to a sign results in a 10% profit increase for about 60% of businesses. By contrast, the loss of an illuminated sign can result in 16.6% to 26.6% in sales losses. An outdoor electric sign is one of the most avoidable means of advertising your business available in the long term.

Explore the Full Potential of Neon Sign Advertising Houston

At Bakers’ Signs, we serve businesses not only in Houston but all across Texas. In addition to creating custom neon signs, we also offer a full range of services, including installation and repair.

8 Benefits of Choosing Neon Signs Houston To Advertise Your Business | Bakers’ Signs – Houston, Texas

By Jeremiah Baker

By Jeremiah Baker

Jeremiah is passionate about Bakers’ Signs’ core values, and vision, and mission, which have guided the company for over 35 years. With his expertise and commitment to excellence, he is an invaluable asset.