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7 Ways a Sign Company Houston TX Helps You Attract Customers

Feb 25, 2020 | Custom Signs, Business Signs, Exterior Sign Lights, Installation Services, Monument Signs, Non-Lit Signs

Have you ever considered using a sign company Houston TX to help you attract new customers? It’s probably something you haven’t considered before. Most business owners look to advertising and marketing to spread awareness about their brand and services. Signage is often overlooked as a form of marketing and advertising, despite it being the most consistent piece of advertising for brick and mortar businesses. Therefore, when you are ready to find new customers, consider investing in your signage, but make sure you stick to the seven techniques of professional sign makers.

1. Attention

The first piece of advice most sign companies in Houston Texas will tell you is that a sign must demand attention. Different customers and businesses will benefit from different sign styles. For example, colorful window decals can work great for shops in strip malls or stores with current promotions. Although, you might want to invest in digital displays if you run frequent promotions. Whatever you choose, make sure that the sign grabs the customer’s attention and leads them to the desired action.

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2. Color Scheme

Next, a sign company Houston TX will probably explain the importance of color schemes. It is necessary to choose colors that contrast so that the text is readable. For example, a sign with a white background with black lettering is extremely legible.

Other popular choices are yellow and black, red and black, green and white, or white and blue. However, those are not your only options. You should be able to talk to a sign designer to determine the colors that work best for your brand and purpose.

3. Size

Most sign companies in Texas work with a variety of sizes. It is necessary to plan ahead and know where your sign will be displayed so you can choose the appropriate size. You don’t want to create a flyer size sign and place it above shelving in your store because no one will see it or be able to read it. Additionally, making a sign too big is also problematic. You want a sign that is just right for the available area.

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4. Text

When discussing your project with a sign company Houston TX, you will typically be offered a variety of available fonts. You shouldn’t rush to a decision. Readability is of the utmost importance.

Usually, you will want to stick with block text for signs and stay away from more frilly or decorative fonts. Again, a sign designer should be able to point out the most effective font choices for your purpose.

5. Simple Messaging

Next, keep your sign simple. Whether you’re putting signage up inside your store or up on a billboard, people are not going to read long messages. Be brief and get to the point. If you are planning a “50% Off” promotion, then lead with that. If you’re creating a branding sign, then stick with your business’ name and a tag line. Avoid long explanations or descriptions. Consider choosing bullet point options and phrasing instead.

6. Consistency

Next, when working with a sign company Houston TX, be consistent. It is relatively simple to get carried away with design and style. Before you know it, you have several types of signage with their own unique designs. The problem is that there is no cohesion, which means that people or prospective customers will not connect each sign to your store. Consistency in design and color scheme create brand awareness and recognition.

7. Lighting

Lastly, think about your hours of operation. Are you only open during daylight hours, or are you still operating after dusk? Have you considered incorporating lighting into your signage? Having light up signs is a great way to draw attention to your business in the evening hours, and it can really help improve evening foot traffic. Signs with built-in lights are also considered location identifiers because they help potential customers locate your business.

The above seven techniques are used by professional sign companies to help businesses attract customers. Are your current signs utilizing any of the above tips? If not, consider getting help from a sign company Houston TX, such as Bakers Signs. Our consultants will gladly assist you in designing new signs for your business, but first, they will want to learn about your brand and any specific imagery and colors that represent it.

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By Jeremiah Baker

By Jeremiah Baker

Jeremiah is passionate about Bakers’ Signs’ core values, and vision, and mission, which have guided the company for over 35 years. With his expertise and commitment to excellence, he is an invaluable asset.