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7 Ways a Local Sign Company in Houston Helps Your Customers Get the Message

May 21, 2021 | Custom Signs, Business Signs

Opening a new business means finding premises, setting up your products, and hiring new employees. It also means creating an atmosphere that helps your customers find what they need while establishing your brand identity. A local sign company can help you highlight your business or product and make it more visible to potential customers. The services of a Houston sign company can also help you make your business more recognizable b differentiating it from the competition and will also help your business grow.

Here are seven of the best ways to use products from a local sign company to guide customers through your store.

1. Invest in Roadside Signs From a Local Sign Company

Roadside Board - Bakers' Signs

Before you can direct customers through your business, you need to get them there. Purchasing weather-resistant boards from one of the best sign companies in Houston, Texas, allows you to grab your customers’ attention as they drive by. Purchase an LED sign if you have different graphics or messages to display throughout the year. A standard board made of plastic or metal that includes your name, hours, and address is also a good option.

Place these signs strategically in the area around your business. If they’re more than a few miles from your location, customers might forget about the sign or think that they missed your store. Include directions on signs out of sight of your premises so that every customer who sees your signs can make it there.

2. Claim Your Location With Signs From a Local Sign Company

Purchase signs for the exterior of your building from a local sign company in Houston, Texas. Your signs need to be big enough that your customers can easily tell which building is yours from a distance. They also need to state your name clearly and, if there’s room, include your slogan. If you have multiple entrances, include exterior signs above each one.

3. Highlight Your Business Hours With Help From Local Sign Company in Houston Texas 

Neon signs are the traditional method for letting customers know whether you’re open or closed. Purchase a neon open and closed sign from your favorite Houston sign company, and invest in one that advertises your hours as well. Not only are neon signs easy to see, but they’re also fun ways to get potential customers’ attention as they pass.

4. Advertise Your Services With Window Signs From a Houston Local Sign Company

Even more, to drive home your brand put posters from sign companies in Houston, Texas, on all your windows. These signs hang on the inside of your windows, so they don’t need to be weather-resistant. Pictures of your products, customer testimonials, and sale information are all good subjects for these signs. That way, customers know what to expect before they step inside your building.

5. Highlight Popular Products With Houston Signs

Sign Custom - Baker's Signs & Manufacturing

Do you have a new product that you don’t want customers to miss, or are you having a clearance sale? Direct your customers’ attention to the most important parts of your store with custom-made signs. Use channel letters or smaller neon signs for your favorite displays, and order seasonal ones to swap throughout the year.

6. Direct Customers to Your Checkout With A Local Sign Company in Houston, Texas

Once your customers have found all the products they need, point them to the checkout line. Cardboard signs shaped like pointing hands are fun ways to direct your customers, but rectangular signs with all the checkout details are also effective. Please place them in each of your major store sections and near changing rooms, lobbies, and other popular areas.

7. Convey Important Information on the Floor With a Houston Sign Company

It’s easy to forget about your Floor unless you’re sweeping or mopping it. However, the Floor is one of the best ways to give your customers important information. Paste thin signs that point the way to the checkout line or bathroom without taking up space in your crowded store. If you need customers to practice social distancing for privacy or health concerns, use signs to demonstrate how far apart they should stand from each other. Ensure that these signs are colorful and creative enough that your customers don’t just walk over them without reading their messages.

When you’re trying to decide which local sign company to use for your store’s advertisements and directions, stay local by choosing Bakers’ Signs. We have various interior and exterior signs, and we’re dedicated to creating products that serve your brand well. Contact us today to get answers to your questions about our local sign company and to submit your first order. 

7 Ways a Local Sign Company in Houston Helps Your Customers Get the Message | Bakers’ Signs – Houston, Texas

By Matt Baker

By Matt Baker

Matt Baker, oldest son of company founder Roberta Baker, has literally grown up in the sign business. It comes as no surprise that he has taken the company his mother created to new heights.