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6 Reasons To Consider LED Sign Repair for Your Business

Aug 31, 2020 | LED Lights, Custom Signs, Installation Services

Whether it’s the sign above your entrance or the LED advertising signs in your window, your company relies on signage to show passersby when your doors are open, what you have for sale, and much more. Of course, signs rely on light bulbs and electricity, which means sometimes, they’ll be in disrepair. From cleaning and repair to a full replacement, there are a variety of reasons to hire a professional LED sign repair company.

1. The Foundation Is in Disrepair

Whether you have an LED message board or use traditional signage, the foundation it sits on is important. If it isn’t strong enough to support the weight of your sign, you could end up with a large mess and a dangerous situation on your hands. If there is dirt or standing water at the base of your signage, the foundation could be eroding. A sign cleaner can remove dirt, debris, and standing water, as well as install a drain or trench to direct water away from your investment.

neon signs

2. The Sign Uses Neon

Neon signs work differently than LED or traditional signage. To ensure your safety and integrity, you must hire a professional to clean and repair your neon signs. A professional knows how the signage works and how to repair burned out sections without compromising the rest of the signage. Keep in mind that unlike other types of signage, it’s best to leave your neon signs on all the time when you aren’t cleaning or repairing them. Turning them on and off each day puts more wear and tear on them and could cause you to pay more in repair or replacement costs. 

3. Lights Have Burned Out

You’ve seen the memes. The right bulbs blow out on a sign, and suddenly the name of a store becomes a funny word. Don’t let that happen to you. Even if only one bulb is blown out, you must consider sign cleaning and repair. For one thing, a sign with darkened spots doesn’t look professional. Additionally, consider that if one bulb blows out, the others probably aren’t far behind. Fixing the sign as soon as you notice dimmer or blown out bulbs ensures your business maintains its professional exterior.

4. The Sign Is High in the Air

How high in the air is your signage? If it’s perched above the entrance to your business, repairing it yourself could be dangerous, even if you have the electrical know-how. Perhaps you have a pylon sign that’s mounted on a pole and very high in the air. Hiring a professional is essential in this case, as no ladder is likely to reach high enough even if you tried to brave it. The poles for pylon signs must have a strong foundation, and the signs themselves are susceptible to damage related to being in the sun or standing through inclement weather. A sign repair company has the professional equipment needed to clean your pylon signs, repair their bulbs, or even replace the entire sign to ensure your business remains inviting.

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5. The Sign Is Dirty

Simply put, a dirty sign looks unprofessional. Dirt doesn’t just affect the outside of your LED advertising signs, either. Your signage has holes in it that are meant to keep water from gathering inside of it and causing electrical outages. Leaves, dust, and insects can get inside these holes and clog them, leaving no way for the water to make its way out. Professionally trained electric sign cleaners can remove dirt from the sign’s interior safely and efficiently, as well as repair any areas that need it during the cleanup process. Consider a regular inspection to keep your signage clean both inside and outside.

6. The Sign Is Old

No matter how clean you keep your signage or how many times you have it repaired, eventually, it’s going to be too old to keep people interested in your business. Research proves that consumers like things that are new and shiny, and that includes your LED signage. A new sign makes people take notice and could bring new business by grabbing the attention of people who never noticed your business before. A professional signage company can help you choose one that meets your budget and stands out from the crowd.

Choose a sign repair company that is experienced, licensed, insured, and professional. One that is knowledgeable about LED, neon, and a range of other types of signs ensures you have all your bases covered. If you need a Houston sign company, check out Baker’s Signs for information about repair and replacement services.

6 Reasons To Consider LED Sign Repair for Your Business | Bakers’ Signs – Houston, Texas

By Matt Baker

By Matt Baker

Matt Baker, oldest son of company founder Roberta Baker, has literally grown up in the sign business. It comes as no surprise that he has taken the company his mother created to new heights.