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5 Ways a Sign Company Houston TX Can Help You Grow Your Business

Aug 5, 2020 | Custom Signs, Business Signs, Exterior Sign Lights, Monument Signs, Neon Signs, Non-Lit Signs, Pylon Signs

In today’s digital world, many small business owners wonder if they need a ton of signage to help get their message across. Whether you are considering large outdoor signage, interior signs, or LED message boards, you want to have the right ones for your specific needs. Understanding how signs work to grow your business can help. Working with a sign company Houston TX, you can customize physical signage to increase awareness of your brand and position yourself for success. Take a moment to consider how the right signage can help you.

1. A Sign Lets People Know Where You Are

People are increasingly mobile, with the U.S. Census Bureau reporting that 9.8% of households relocate every year. While that means you’ll lose some customers, it also allows you to gain new ones. First, however, you have to tell them exactly where you are located. This is what outdoor signs do best. If you’ve ever driven down a street, looking for a specific address that your GPS says is right there but not seeing the store you are trying to find, then you understand how frustrating it is when a business doesn’t have clear signage outside its storefront. Sign companies in Texas offer a variety of exterior signs to project your location, including:

Sign Company Houston
  • Monument signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Neon and LED illuminated signs
  • Wood or aluminum road signs
  • Panel signs
  • Entrance marker signs

2. They Share New Information

While getting your location out is great, you also want to attract people passing by and let them know about special events going on at your business. You have plenty of options for this when you work with a sign company Houston TX, too. Signs that have removable types make changing up your message simple and easy. Digital products can be customized from pretty much anywhere, thanks to WiFi technology. Dry erase and chalkboard surfaces can let you get creative and personalize messages depending on the occasion. Consider the following ways that signs can help you share special events and information with customers:

  • Zip Track boards welcoming visitors from a nearby convention or festival
  • Banners to announce grand openings, sales or new services
  • Customizable LED message boards that can be changed to advertise specials and featured items
  • Signs to share special or community events

3. Signs Integrate Your Online Presence and Physical Store

Sign Company Houston

You’ve worked hard to create a digital presence through a website and active social media accounts. Now its time to bring that to your physical location by integrating signage with your online messaging. One way to do that is to include pictures of your storefront and signage on your website and social media pages so customers can recognize it easily in person.

You can also use signs for advertising your digital presence. Add a website and social media accounts to signage so that people know where to look. QR codes make it easy for visitors to connect with you later on, which allows you to convert them to regular customers. Sign companies in Houston, Texas, can help you achieve consistent messaging and branding throughout both areas for easy recognition.

4. They Convey Important Information

Whether you want to share your location, hours, or safety policies, our sign company in Houston TX can help you find the right way to do that. A combination of signage, vinyl lettering, and illumination can help get your message across. Signs also convey an important message about your business in their appearance. Old, worn, and damaged signs can give a negative impression, which certainly isn’t the way to attract new customers.

5. A Sign Company Houston TX Understands Local Preferences

A sign for one business may not be effective in another. Sign companies in Texas know what will attract new customers and can help you draw those people to your business. When you need to add signage to your business, Baker’s Signs can help. We offer a great selection of business signs designed to meet your needs. You can choose from existing templates, work with our professionals to create a custom design, or opt for a changeable digital product to keep your message fresh and relevant. We will work with you to find the right products that will help grow your business. Contact us at (800) 341-9158 to get started today.

5 Ways a Sign Company Houston TX Can Help You Grow Your Business | Bakers’ Signs – Houston, Texas

By Matt Baker

By Matt Baker

Matt Baker, oldest son of company founder Roberta Baker, has literally grown up in the sign business. It comes as no surprise that he has taken the company his mother created to new heights.