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10 Custom Business Signs Options to Promote Your Business

Feb 9, 2021 | Business Signs, Cabinet Signs, Channel Letters, Exterior Sign Lights, LED Lights, Monument Signs, Pylon Signs

Signs are one of the most overlooked options for promoting a business. There are so many different sign options available to promote your business in different ways and get it to stand out. Unfortunately, too many business owners do not know about all these sign options and their benefits. Below you’ll find ten great sign options that can help promote your business and some information on how you can get started with the help of a Houston sign company.

Here are 10 Custom Business Signs Options That Will Help You Boost Your Business

Install Printed Sign Awnings

Channel Signs - Baker's Signs

Awnings are used over a doorway and can help your business entrance stand out a little more. Awnings are typically made out of either canvas or metal and frame an arch over the door. On the awning, you can print your business’s name and usually have it match your brand’s colors. These are also good for protecting your customers when the rain comes. 

Cabinet Signs To Promote Your Business

Cabinet signs are signs that come inside a metal-framed bracket. This bracket attaches to your building and has a sign face that promotes your business. What’s great about cabinet signs is that they can be created in just about any shape and the graphics you can display on the front are numerous. You can have solid-color vinyl graphics or full-color printed graphics on the vinyl front, giving you practically unlimited design options.

Channel Letters In Any Font Or Size

Typically used as exterior signage, channel letters are large individual letters used to promote a business. With the help of a custom business signs company like Bakers’ Signs, you can create large letters to spell out your business name, or another message, in any size or font you want. We can also supply lighting systems for your channel letters, allowing them to stand out no matter the weather or time of day.

Use Interior Signs For Indoor Promotion

In some cases, you may need a sign that is suitable for indoors rather than outside. For example, if your business is located inside a mall, you’ll want a sign that can hang over the entrance. Or perhaps you’re just looking for signs that can alert your customers to different areas of your business, such as other departments or the exit. In either case, specifically, design interior signs are here to help.

LED Signs Attracts Lots Of Attention

LED Message Board - Baker's Signs & Manufacturing

The great thing about LED signs and message boards is that you can easily change the message on them without spending more money. Through an LED message board, you can quickly update the world about the latest sales and promotions happening at your business. You can even program your LED sign to move or have multiple messages, attracting more attention to it as people pass by. 

Monument Signs And Their Professional Appearance

Monument signs are installed on the ground in front of a business and give a more professional appearance. They come in various materials, such as stone, brick, metal, or wood, and in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You’ve probably seen plenty of monument signs yourself, such as when you drive into the parking lot of a store or business. Our weather-resistant signs are designed to last a long time and attract customers from a distance.

Use Neon Signs To Draw Clients Attention

Looking for something to draw attention to your business, especially at night? Look no further than a neon sign. Our brightly colored signs come in a practically infinite number of colors and designs, allowing you to craft the perfect sign for your business. If you have a business that’s open at night, you need signage that lets people know you’re open. This means bright lights, and it doesn’t get much brighter than neon.

The Pylon Signs Are Great Custom Business Signs

Pylon signs are used when you want to draw attention to your business from a distance. These signs extend up high, allowing you to promote your business no matter how many other companies are in the area. You can even get an illuminated pylon sign, which will draw more attention at night. 

Wall Signs Offers Versatility and Decoration

Looking for some simple signs that can go on your wall? Let our custom business signs company assist you. Our graphics department can help you craft the perfect sign for your wall, regardless of its purpose. Whether you want to promote the latest sale inside your store or decorate the inside, our team is here to help.

Custom Signs For Each Specific Case

Not seeing exactly what you’re looking for in the list above? No problem. Bakers’ Signs offers completely custom signs so you can get exactly what you want. Contact us today, and we’ll set up a time to discuss your signage needs and how we can help. Whether you’re looking to have a sign made from a unique material or have a special type of shape, we’d love to discuss your options with you.

Use Custom Business Signs to Promote Your Business

As you can see, there are plenty of sign options for promoting your business. Signs are a very cost-effective marketing tool and can help promote your business for a long time to come. Think about how you can incorporate some of the custom business signs options above into your business strategy, then contact Bakers’ Signs to learn how we can make your ideas a reality.

10 Custom Business Signs Options to Promote Your Business | Bakers’ Signs – Houston, Texas

By Jeremiah Baker

By Jeremiah Baker

Jeremiah is passionate about Bakers’ Signs’ core values, and vision, and mission, which have guided the company for over 35 years. With his expertise and commitment to excellence, he is an invaluable asset.