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Values – Vision – Mission

Our Values:

Before setting goals and a plan of action, you must evaluate what your most important values are. Then you can dedicate every action to the adherence of those values. From those values, you must create a vision. The vision is how you see your actions contributing to the good of others. Finally, you must translate your vision into a mission. The mission combines your values, vision and actions into something tangible and forms the structure for your business practices. Bakers’ Signs began this process more than 35 years ago and our model has sustained us through our nation’s economic roller coaster. Proven by time, Bakers’ Signs values, vision and mission can be seen in everything we do and all that we achieve.


The Golden Rule is one that can be applied to all aspects of a person’s life. We apply that principal to our own lives as well as our business. Treating others, the way that you would like to be treated results in transparent honesty, a commitment to follow through on promises and doing what it takes to achieve the best possible outcome.


Technology is changing at the fastest rate since the industrial revolution. With advances in technology come better ways of doing things. Increased quality and efficiency are two by-products of this advancement. By embracing innovation, we can ensure our clients get the highest level of quality, efficiency and savings on every project.


Our single focus in 1985 was offering the best service possible to our clients. In the beginning, that was our soul product. We credit our years of growth to exceling in the service we provide our clients and work to improve with every project. In the end, a great product is only as good as the service that supports it.


Business only works when goals are achieved through synchronicity in each step of the process. When any stage is compromised, the entire project is affected as well as the parties involved. Bakers’ Signs understands this and that is why we strive to be the most reliable provider of services to every customer.


Quality level varies greatly from company to company in every industry. We know that each project we are involved in will be a direct reflection of our company for years to come. We take great pride in our work and products and this is reflected in the attention to quality we put into our work. Our long-time clients have been with us for years for specific reasons. One reason is the knowledge that they will get the highest level of consistent quality.


Bakers’ Signs is a family company in more ways than our last name. We consider our employees family as well as each client. We are all in business together and when everyone succeeds, we all succeed. By working as a family and giving each other our very best, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

Our Vision:

Like Isaac Newton’s third law, we believe every problem has an equal and opposite opportunity. Clients that come to us, come with specific problems. Whether they need to visually promote their brand, convey a message to prospective customers or add light to an area that is dark; they need a solution. We believe success can only result from offering the absolute best solution. We are problem solvers, and this is something we strive to be the best at. We see our company continuing to prosper into the future by seeking out more problems and continuing to offer the best solutions, courtesy of our incredible team, leading industry experts and old-fashioned dedication to a job well don

Our Mission:

Bakers’ Signs provides the highest quality products, maximum level of service and utmost integrity in every aspect of our business. We believe that the best indicator of business integrity is the longevity of its relationship with each client. By teaming up with the most knowledgeable employees, implementing the best technology and maintaining a caring client relationship with open communication, we can provide the highest level of service and products day in and day out. Rather than settling for exceptional, we will continue to strive to exceed all expectations