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Bobbi Baker

Bobbi Baker

Founder and Co-Owner of Bakers' Signs

Bobbi Baker is an original founder of Bakers’ Signs as well as current Co-Owner. Shortly after graduating from the University of Minnesota in 1980, Bobbi Baker moved to Texas and jumped headfirst into sign sales.

Five years later in 1985, Bobbi decided to go out on her own. She bought a used bucket truck and began running the shop out of her backyard, doing much of the sign service herself. That fledgling business has since grown to a comprehensive sign and lighting company with a 50,000-sq.-ft. office and shop, more than 70 employees, a large fleet of trucks and a national presence. High-profile projects in Bakers’ portfolio include NASA’s Mission Control sign, the University of Houston’s school and stadium signage, and Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Park monuments and exhibits.

Bakers’ Signs also serves as a legacy for her three sons, Matt, Jeremiah, and Josh, who are now co-owners. Despite two recessions, an unprecedented pandemic and major innovations in signage and lighting technology, the company has managed to increase revenue every year. This has been reciprocated back into the community through donating items, time and people power to local schools, residents in need and first responders, as well as supporting the Montgomery County Veterans Commission. During the height of COVID, Bakers’ Signs spent months organizing a food and grocery drive and cooked thousands of meals. After 40 years in the industry, Baker shows no signs of slowing down.